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Discover Atlanta’s Premier Exhibit Design Companies

One of the largest cities in the US and the capital, as well as the largest city in the US state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta, is a thriving hub for businesses across several industries. The passenger traffic at its famous Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport makes it the busiest airport in the world. Each year more than 100 million passengers go through the airport.

Another major thing for which Atlanta is also famous is its being a great host for events and conventions. Several major events held in the US have their first preference in Atlanta city. As the city has the caliber to attract millions towards it event organizers and exhibitors do not let this chance go.

While some companies opt to design and build their own exhibit spaces, many choose to partner with expert exhibit designers who can handle all aspects of the process. Discovering the premier exhibit design firms in Atlanta takes some research but yields quality results.

Here are some top tips for identifying the best exhibit designers for trade show exhibit rental in Atlanta:

Start with Referrals and Recommendations

One of the best places to begin the search for exhibit designers is by asking others in the industry for recommendations. Speak with event planners, conference organizers, suppliers, and venue managers about which design companies they enjoy partnering with.

Often the most talented designers develop strong relationships across various industries so referral sources can steer you towards reliable, experienced options. Industry associations can also provide exhibited profiles of member designers.

Check past Projects and Client Lists

Browsing a design company’s website is a great way to evaluate the caliber and variety of projects they have completed. To get a feel for their aesthetic style and technical abilities look for case studies, photos, and videos of prior exhibits.

Confirming experience with certain industries, technologies, or exhibit types helps ensure a designer can meet your specific needs. The most prominent exhibit firms in Atlanta will showcase extensive portfolios spanning decades of work.

Research Awards and Recognition

The talents and accomplishments of a company get validation if they get design awards from respected industry groups. Seeking out exhibit design winners from Atlanta helps narrow the field to those achieving top honors. Designers may also advertise inclusion in “best of” lists published by trade publications for example the top trade show booth displays in Atlanta.

Inquire About Budgets and Processes:

Before deciding on an exhibit design partner, understand their typical pricing structures and how budgets are formulated. Consult with several firms to compare estimates for similar scopes of work.

Large, complex projects may require customized proposals while smaller installations have standardized packages. Learn about the design process from initial meetings through implementation to schedule timelines realistically.

Inquire how value is added at each stage through collaboration and oversight. The best designers partner closely to ensure satisfaction within agreed budgets.

Schedule Consultations

Meet face-to-face with candidate designers to assess culture fit and creative rapport. After that:

  • Bring ideas, objectives, and a sense of your brand personality.
  • Observe how firms listen intently and visualize potential exhibit designs tailored to goals.
  • Ask about the qualifications, specialties, and duties of the team members throughout a project.

Pay attention to interpersonal skills as successful collaborations require strong communication and problem-solving abilities. See which consultation leaves you feeling inspired, organized, and at ease moving forward together.

Check Licenses and Insurance Coverage

Verify that custom trade show exhibit design maintains proper certifications and permits to operate legally within the city of Atlanta. General business licenses and workers’ compensation policies are minimum requirements.

Exhibit construction may also necessitate specialty contractors’ licenses depending on scale and technical elements. Reputable firms carry various liability insurance coverage like professional, property, and event cancellation protections.

Inquire About Production Capabilities

While large exhibit builders have extensive on-site fabrication workshops, smaller designers partner with trusted vendors and contractors. Make sure a firm’s standard production process can realistically achieve designs within time constraints. Discuss make vs. buy decisions relative to budget requirements.

Confirm ready access to various materials, skilled labor pools, and specialized equipment. For Atlanta events, choose a design partner able to efficiently coordinate all logistics from concept to installed exhibit without compromising quality. Oversight of the entire production assures timely deliverables.

Consider Experience with Atlanta Venues

Major exhibit builders accumulate institutional knowledge of local Atlanta convention centers, exhibition halls, and event facilities through extensive work. They gain familiarity with unique floor load/weight restrictions, utility/Internet requirements, labor union rules, and move-in/out logistics at each space.

Smaller designers should evidence collaboration histories with top Atlanta venues to bring similar advantages. Expert guidance in navigating local infrastructure supports projects of making trade show display rentals in Atlanta from beginning to end.

Request References from Similar Jobs

Contact information for past clients undertaking comparable exhibits, trade shows or installations allows quality verification from peers. Call references and ask about on-time, on-budget execution along with the designer’s communication, problem-solving, and post-job follow-up abilities.

Overall satisfaction with the final product and experience working with the lead team should all be positive. Additionally, one can request a confidential reference to openly discuss both strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Consider Specialized Design Expertise

While general exhibit design firms handle diverse projects, some niche talents emerge for technology-driven, custom fabrication, or industry-focused applications such as:

  • Virtual/Digital Signage,
  • Retail Fixtures,
  • Firms Highlight Specialized Skill Sets,
  • Environmentally-themed Spaces and more.

For very particular objectives and technologies in exhibition stand contractors, select designers featuring dedicated experience and certifications. A refined understanding of tricky specifications and specialized production challenges is brought by their targeted expertise. Always match needs with provider strengths for optimal results.

Trust your Intuition

Overall fit cannot be quantified but remains essential for successful partnerships, especially creatively charged projects like exhibit design. Pay attention to initial impressions and chemistry with potential partners all through the selection process.

  • How do meetings feel – collaborative or authoritative?
  • Is communication transparent and easygoing?
  • Does company leadership seem invested in client happiness?
  • Does company leadership seem invested in client growth opportunities?

Intangible comfort levels often prove the difference between cooperative teamwork versus constant hurdles. In productive working relationships trust the designers that inspire confidence.


With diligence in investigating top 20×40 booth design in Atlanta, savvy clients discover talented partners consistently achieving wow-factor installations. By confirming experience, credentials, industry awards, and positive references, premier companies emerge from the pack.

Cross-referencing capability with project needs then seals ideal matches. With superior collaboration on objectives and budgets, these premier designers set brands up to shine via interactive, attention-grabbing trade show experiences year after year in Atlanta.


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