1. Why to go for tradingviews.in?

To earn more profit, to reduce the losses, and to achieve monthly consistency in the profits.


2. Do we get free trials?

Free trials are not available as we are supremely confident in our calls. Clients can check by paying a little amount to give more attention to calls which we give. 2 days paid trial available for each segment.


3. How Paid Trial system work and what we should and should not do?

Generally, we recommend clients not to trade while on a paid trial. You can check the calls accuracy, Intraday Calls receiving time via Telegram app, Updation done in website, Entry and exit of calls with complete follow ups. Clients who are experienced can do trade as they wish.


4. Types of services provided in Intraday Tips?

We provide 4 different types of packages presently. Sure shot equity tips, Sure shot Stock Future tips, nifty Future tips, Delivery Calls.


5. What is the procedure to receive daily calls?

We provide calls instantly through Telegram app. Overseas Clients may also subscribe easily.


6. Do we get follow up calls?

Mostly, We provide follow-up calls, until the original call is closed. In case we are unable to provide follow-up calls, traders need to close their position at 03:15 pm. Suppose, the call does not reach the target or stop loss, we will update 03:15 pm price— whichever come before.


7. If not via SMS, how can I get calls in mobile?

The Intraday calls are sent only via Telegram app. We do not send calls through any mode other than Telegram.


8. How reliable is the success ratio and accuracy?

The accuracy is above 75%, meaning the probability of loss is very less. In order to check the accuracy, you can go for the paid trial.


9. Do we get advice on when to book profits and when to exit?

As stated above, complete follow-up calls are provided, so you will be updated hour by hour. In case the call cannot reach you, you need to follow the Target, Stoploss or 03:15 Exit time whatever the price may be. Carry forward for the next day is not allowed under any circumstances.


10. Investment for each call you send?

It totally depends upon your capital.


11. When will I start receiving calls after the subscription?

If the subscription is processed before 10 AM, you will receive calls on the same trading day. If it is processed after 10 AM, you will receive calls from the next trading day. Calls will reach you at any time during trading hours for all types of packages. We will give calls at 09:30 AM at the latest.


12. Are your calls actually reliable?

You will earn consistent profits every month. We maintain 10 %- 15% profit for Single Target in Equity Cash and Rs40000-50000 minimum profit in Stock Future for Single Target in month end,150 points minimum profit in Nifty future. However, we do not undertake any commitment, assurance, or surety for our calls. All the calls are generated on Technical parameters. The past performance updates are not the indicators for future. Traders must take their own decision before having to invest in any stock.


13. What if I do not get any profit through your calls?

Calls are made on Technical basis, so it is unlikely for losses to happen. In case any loss is incurred, we cannot help you with the amount lost or with the subscription fees paid to us. Our total subscriptions comprises of 75% of renewed subscribers, which clearly means that our clients are immensely satisfied with our services.

[Note: Fees is not refundable.]


14. How to identify your calls?

We have a separate Telegram channel. The link will be sent to you once you subscribe to us.


15. What is the Refund policy if I am not interested to continue your services?

There is no refund available once the fees has been paid. You must read Refund policy before having to buy a subscription.